Lose Weight While Eating
Your Favorite Foods!

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  • arrow Burn Fat without counting calories
  • arrow Shape & Sculp without workouts
  • arrow Improve digestion & energy levels

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Favorite Food Diet

Favorite Foods Diet
  • arrow Discover the breakthough ingredient that sheds body fat
  • arrow Learn the real “root cause” of obesity revealed for first time
  • arrow The hidden reason most diets will never work for you
  • arrow The secret to losing weight fast & keping it off for good
  • arrow And much, much more...


Favorite Detox Cleanse

A simple and easy cleanse you can do any time your want to flatten your tummy and flush out toxins

Favorite Wordrobe

Find out exactly what to wear to accentuate your body so you instantly look slimmer

Favorite Recipes

Delicious recipes that taste great, accelerate fat loss and your whole family can enjoy


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Retail Price: $99.99

Order Now - $37

We are so confident this program will work for you, that If you don't like the program for any reason at all, simply contact our customer support at support@favefooddiet.com and we will refund your full purchase price no questions asked.


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You’re buying an e-course, i.e. a digital ebook. You’re free to print it out and make as many copies as you want if you’d like to hold the information in your hands. We sell a digital product rather than a physical book so we can keep our products affordable for you... and eliminate the shipping charge.

This also gives us the ability to get the information you’re looking for instantly rather than having to wait 3-5 days during which people often lose interest.

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Very. All of our orders are processed through the leading secure online retailer of digital products. They process hundreds of millions of transactions without a hitch and they use security systems just like the ones at your local bank.

arrow Can I Really Eat All My Favorite Foods?

The answer is yes, with a twist.

You can eat the food you do now. No changes. And still lose weight. I don’t recommend you eat packaged junk food every day like Twinkee's and Haagen Daz, because it’s simply not healthy. But if you do want that once in a while that’s okay and it won’t interfere with the incredible progress you will see.

In some cases we’ll show you how to tweak the sweets to help them make you lose weight even faster, and these tweaks are available for almost anything you might want to eat.

You will also, at times, be able to eat store bought goodies but those will be limited to certain times.

Rest assured, with all that said, we haven’t received a complaint yet. about the “restrictions”. In fact, everyone is having a ball.

arrow Is The Favorite Food Diet Hard To Follow?

As our clients will gladly tell you, the Favorite Food Diet is the easiest diet they’ve ever tried.

And it’s as easy as it is fun.

We’ve spent 2 and a half years testing this system on men and women from all walks of life to ensure this diet is the simplest and tastiest ever released.

The reaction we most often receive is “I don’t feel like I’m on a diet but the weight is coming off”

And that’s what the Favorite Food Diet is all about. :)

arrow How Often Can I Cheat?

Well there’s two kinds of cheating: There’s the desserts made from scratch with our “secret ingredient”. There there’s your typical cheat days.

Between the two of them you’ll be eating your favorite foods a heck of a lot.

Most people would never believe a diet like this could make you lose weight, until they try it.


Product Bundle
  • arrow Burn Fat without counting calories
  • arrow Shape & Sculp without workouts
  • arrow Improve digestion & energy levels

Retail Price: $99.99

Order Now - $37